Asst.Prof.Dr. Padtheera Narkurairattana

A scholar who is interested in Thai political conflict and realizes that conflict in every corner of Thai society results from a social and political culture where cultural violence and censorship is embedded. Padtheera believes that a “Dialogue Process” is the primary tool for restoring friendship and supportive and compassionate relationships that allow differing views with attention, argument and mutual tolerance even of different perspective. It is a process that can heal and cure the long-term and deep-rooted wounds in Thai society.


Chanchai Chaisukkosol, PhD.

A co-founder of CoJOY Consulting, an organization aiming to help people reach peace in their lives and encourage organizations to evolve into living organizations. His specializations are conflict transformation, collaborative decision-making, communication across differences, and transformational coaching. Chanchai shifted from a computer engineering student to peace studies, hate speech researcher, and conflict transformation practitioner.

He has for more than 15 years worked both in public and social conflict (e.g. ethno-religious conflict in the southern provinces of Thailand and in Myanmar as well as the Thai political conflict, etc.) and organizational conflict (top executives, managers, cross-levels and cross-departments).  Recently, he co-translated into Thai a paradigm-shifting book in the field of organizational development and management entitled, “Reinventing Organizations” (กําเนิดองค์กรสายพันธุ์ใหม่). 

Charita Prasittihima


Officer, Institute of Human Rights and Peace Studies, Mahidol University. (Coordinator @ Deep South Peace Center)

Kumuhammad nur Kunoh


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